The following statement is by the Refugee Services Collaborative of Greater Cleveland (RSC), a group of 15 agencies committed to excellent refugee resettlement in Northeast Ohio…

The tragic events in Paris last week have placed a spotlight in Cleveland on the plight of refugees, the people and families we’re proud to call friends, co-workers and neighbors.

In 2014, RSC member agencies were involved in resettling, welcoming and integrating 700+ refugees in Northeast Ohio. The RSC is comprised of three resettlement agencies, multiple community- and faith-based nonprofits, three public school systems, as well as representatives from Cuyahoga County and Cleveland City Council.

By definition, refugees are people and families who are here in Cleveland because they faced a serious threat to their safety in their former homes. These new Clevelanders know personally the horrors of war and injustice. They’ve witnessed firsthand the destruction of their homes and businesses, the abuse and murder of family members and friends, and the total loss of basic human rights.

Historically, our country has led the way globally in welcoming refugees, who are resilient survivors. Those coming to Cleveland now are no exception. They are eager to rebuild their lives, keep their families and newfound communities safe and participate fully in the American ideals of freedom, personal responsibility and opportunity. Moreover, study after study has proven that refugees are an economic engine for the communities that welcome them. Here in Cleveland, the RSC commissioned an impact study in 2012 demonstrating that refugees and those who assist their resettlement yielded for Northeast Ohio a 10 to 1 return on economic investment. Moreover, refugees stemmed Cleveland’s population loss by 3% from 2000-2010.

The RSC will continue to advocate for all refugees and their continued resettlement in our community. Their presence strengthens Northeast Ohio’s cultural diversity, deepens our labor and talent pool, and helps position Cleveland as the community we know it can be -- a vibrant and welcoming 21st century international city unhindered by fear, a city eager to embrace law-abiding, responsible residents, regardless of the manner in which they arrive here.



VOLUNTEER Work one-on-one with newly-arriving refugees (as a mentor, English teacher, conversation aide, children’s tutor, etc.). Or help set up apartments and do other behind-the-scenes work.

EMPLOY Add dedicated, hard-working refugees to your staff. Refugees arrive in the U.S. authorized to work, and RSC members will help you find the best match of skills to needs.

INVITE Invite the RSC to speak to your group about refugees in Cleveland. We can also provide a photography exhibit and video documentary about Northeast Ohio refugees.

ADVOCATE Help us ensure that greater Cleveland is a welcoming place. This involves outreach and dialogue with our entire community, including businesses, government agencies, schools, health providers, neighbors.

LEARN Find out more about refugees in Cleveland, why they are coming here, and the variety of ways that refugees enrich our communities and our lives.

DONATE Your gently-used second-hand goods find new life in the homes of refugees. Clothing, furniture, bicycles, household goods—and, of course, monetary donations!—are all very welcome and needed.

ENGAGE Connect with the RSC and with the refugees in our community.